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Your games in Android?
01-05-2021, 09:30 PM
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RE: Your games in Android?
(05-24-2015 03:56 PM)Yuliandi5500 Wrote:  Hey.... I want to ask about your current game that you're playing now.. Also, if you happen playing same game with me, we could be friend. ^^

Well, here's the game list that I'm playing now (including my review):

Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur [Japan]
ID: 580138700
Review: Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur is a game developed by Square Enix for Android and iOS. You can collect units to build and strenghten your deck, (yes... a deck. A deck will exist only if we have the cards to build it). The battle system is turn-based and really good. It can switch between 2D Battle and 3D Battle. 2D Battle will occur when we fight captureable units, for 3D battle, it'd be Raid Battle. In this Raid Battle, we can't capture the Raid Boss, but able to gather Rs, SRs, URs, and even MR (Million Rare, the highest rarity in Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur). Also, you can get more cards from Gacha, too. We can play alone with NPC or Co-op with other player via Multiplayer Wink
P.s: Oh! If you use my ID as referral ID, you can get yourself 5 free gems.


Million Chain [Japan]
ID: 30162847
Review: A puzzle game where we connect tiles in the order to attack enemies. Strategy is needed here, since you can't be careless to leave yourself wide open to Game Over. The battle system is turn-based.


Brave Frontier [USA]
ID: 3567621293
Review: A turn-based RPG games. You can collects Units and strengthen your squad to defeat enemies.


Hay Day [USA]
ID: - FB: Yuliandi Limit Form | - Google+: Yuliandi5500


Valkyrie Crusade [USA]
ID: 7eyqu
Review: A game that combine town building and battle. If you tired of battle, you can visit your town and collect resources and upgrade your town. The Battle system is turn-based, and use cards as Units. This game also have Raid Battle, called "Archwitch Battle". If you and your comrade able to defeat the Archwitch, there's a chance you and your comrade can get that Archwitch card.

Well my phone is not very current I have a samsung s6, but here I can only play some games.

Currently I love Swordigo, since it is an adventure game that is found for Android and iPhone.

I like it because it is like Zelda, although the graphics lacks a lot, it is a game that entertains.

I have also started playing strategy games, among them Kingdom Wars are one of my favorites.
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