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PC Powered Controller on Android
05-20-2015, 05:05 PM (This post was last modified: 05-20-2015 06:23 PM by Otakon7.)
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RE: PC Powered Controller on Android
(05-20-2015 04:52 PM)ZeroX4 Wrote:  now i understand u

u should post it from the start

I thought I did lol, my bad if my choice of words wasn't the best.

I did try AirDroid before but was too much of a hassle to setup lol, but the other two seem promising, I'll try them out. Thanks (I was googling along the lines of "use pc keyboard on android", so guess it wasn't the right question)

Will report in a few minutes

Sigh... root access...

Well, I'll have to find a friend with that to test things out.

Screencast is also one option I stumbled upon, and Mobizen the other but man, that thing tried to synchronize my entire pc, nope.

Guess I have no choice but to try AirDroid again, hopefully, it doesn't try to pull a stunt like Mobizen.

EDIT: managed to get AirDroid to work, but sadly, it only server to manage your device, not actually control it (as in, it's basically a windows explorer)
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