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PC Powered Controller on Android
05-20-2015, 10:33 AM
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RE: PC Powered Controller on Android
Well, guess I'll BUMP for the first and last time, just for information values.

Anyway, I used an application, installed both on the PC and android device, that sends keystrokes from the PC's keyboard to the device via USB cable. This can be used in example to write inside documents.

In case of PPSSPP, each of those keys have a certain value (in example, key.UP is the up arrow), and so, you can map the controlls to match those key codes.

This works when you map them, but when you start a game, PPSSPP's mapping doesn't seem to work anymore (or maybe, to be precise, it doesn't recognize the mapping keys anymore), which could mean that the PPSSPP blocks apps running in the background or it gets the mapping messed up in some way (seems to be the latter, since some apps, like MyMobiler, partially work).

And to mention where this could be useful (if it worked):
* You do not have OTG support
* You do not have mini/micro USB adapters
* Your device does not support your gamepad/keyboard
* Charging your device while using peripherals at the same time

I will try to tinker with it a little bit more to see if it can be done in one way or another, but if not, it is what is. Guess I might take a look at the PPSSPP documentation to see how the mapping works.
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