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What's with the ARM JIT for PPSSPP Why Is It Terrible?
05-13-2015, 01:43 AM
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RE: What's with the ARM JIT for PPSSPP Why Is It Terrible?
(05-10-2015 07:32 PM)vitality19 Wrote:  Ok, if mali, power vr and adreno are bad (i mean drivers). Which are good then - those "exotic" gpus like videocore or vivante?

Those are even worse from what I've seen. Yes, newer GPUs have better drivers and also newer OS versions (sometimes.) But for older GPUs the situation is not great, and many device makers don't bother upgrading the drviers when they could, anyway.

(05-10-2015 10:27 PM)tiktakt0w Wrote:  Changing to a phone with adreno 320 though, gave me alot of headaches. My Oppo Find 5 with its snapdragon s4 failed to deliver as much as my sgs3 did in ppsspp.

I had a Galaxy S3 (Adreno 225 version), and my Nexus 5 (1080p, Adreno 320) has been a significant improvement. I do have decently newish drivers, though, and this just means the 320 is better than the 225. Also, I mainly only play RPGs.

Anyway, we frequently get reports from Mali-400 devices that they are falling back to software rendering. If there are Mali-400 devices that don't have this problem, due to better drivers or any other reason, that's great. And, it won't happen in some games (especially less demanding ones.) But any device/driver combination that has this problem is a poor choice for PPSSPP, imho.

"Great performance" though is very relative. For example, I prefer to run games in buffered rendering (more correct graphics) at 1x or maybe 2x. I also don't want to use any hacks. I'm willing to take 1 frameskip if necessary. For this, and across the games I've cared to try, my Nexus 5 has seemed to deliver "great performance". But for other people, this same performance may seem terrible.

That being said, I would be surprised if the Mali T764 performed, by my opinion as above, poorly. In fact, it should be capable of more correct graphics than my phone is, in certain blending situations, so it could likely be preferable. But how it performs specifically just requires trying PPSSPP on one.

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