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Adhoc PRO Integrated server is broken in v1.0.1
03-12-2015, 02:07 PM
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Adhoc PRO Integrated server is broken in v1.0.1
I've been playing MHFU with friends on my android with v0.9.9.1-837-AdhocTest, and we never had a problem. Someone of us hosted the server with the Built-in Adhoc in that version and all of us can conect to his IP and play without any problems.

Today we decided to update our PPSSPP version to 1.0.1 which "officially" has the Built-in PRO Adhoc Sever. The problem is that in that version we cannot play together because when we try to enter the online lobby selection all of us (even the one who is hosting the integrated server) get a socket error in the emulator and a comunication error in the emulator. But if one of us uses 0.9 and host the adhoc server we all can play without any problems

TLDR: Built-in Adhoc Server in v0.9.9.1-837 works perfectly for us. Built-in Adhoc Server in 1.0.1 doesnt work at all. We all use the android emulator.
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