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What controller should I get?
02-25-2015, 06:51 AM (This post was last modified: 02-25-2015 10:13 AM by ZeroX4.)
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RE: What controller should I get?
(02-25-2015 03:42 AM)Vernon9398 Wrote:  you should just buy a good conditon xbox 360 wired controller or an original ps3 one or the logitech gamepads, they work well too. The reason that one would not work is because of the dongle that allows communicates the controller to communicate woth the ps3. Big Grin

im not the 1 buying here
im just sharing my experience so maybe it will help someone buy good controller

cause most ppl here are ones that had like xbox and/or ps controllers + 1 or 2 pc controllers in their hands in their entire life and now they just go around saying xbox is the best or ps is the best

this is as retarded as eating mc donolads/kfc/pizza hut food for the 1st time and say its the best food you ever well lol not really if u did not try others

i tested over 30 pc controllers in my life i did buy over 20 many more i had in my hands adding console ones so instead of saying which is the best i can share my experience which is closest to perfect

but to tell you the truth there are no perfect controllers there is always something for something

like here

this is best controller i ever found but when i look in to it closer

it have 2 flaws 1 is that hmm "fins" on each side its cool idea but it should be my choice how i wanna hold controller

2nd is that analog button is so small idk how for u but i kinda got big hands and that is not good idea for me

this is almost perfect

if not start turbo macro and select would not be so close to each other
and placed in 1 line

here is my previous controller

its just perfect and only complain i can have about it is the fact that turbo and clear are closer to each other than start and select it should be other way around start and select should be closer to each other than turbo and clear (which is logical if u think about pressing them with ur thumbs without releasing controller from ur hand just by reaching it with thumb)
but D-pad is just perfect here (cant press 2 directions by mistake)
+ analog light is very strong and if you are playing in any position which makes ur hands have controller close to ur face like here

then it will be very annoying to ur eyes

this is my previous controller which i had before that tracer above

its almost perfect analog button is big and easy to press
+ it glows at very soft green light when its of and very soft red when its on
but d-pad type can lead in to pressing 2 directions by accident

so in conclusion every controller have some kind of flaw and its up to any 1 who are going to buy a new one to decide with which are acceptable

but in the end its only matter of getting used to a new one

(02-25-2015 06:16 AM)Clariska Wrote:  We'll i really dislike the xbox 360 controller but am getting force into getting one.As 75% games on pc comes out with there configurations.It's just Microsoft way to make money......

thats why ppl invented this

and its good not cause you dont need to change in game controls but cause even if u keep ur AntiMicro profile and reinstall game you wont need to re-configure controls you just load that profile

so like there are some games i did not play for a long time and i recently just wanted to play so i install it and when there is like 12+ controls in the game and i dont remember which is which i dont need configure it from the scratch

i just load profile on AntiMicro (which is set to default games controls configuration) and in few 1st moments in game i start to recall them all

only thing i do in each game is disabling all controller controls or bind them to 1 button if disabling is impossible (but way around this is plugging 2 controller and play on 2nd well or just plug the 1 on which u wanna play as 2nd or after game loads)

even more in many games i am adding double functions to 1 button so like i can play normal with it but also move trough menu without changing button layout so like lets say jump is cancel and attack is accept button

or doing it via 2nd set in AntiMicro so like when i hold left analog stick button it actives 2nd set and there i have mouse movements under right analog and left mouse button under button 1 or start and escape or ender under L and R shoulder buttons

it extends ur controls and gameplay experience so much after you use it with few games it will make you wonder how you could play without it

Spiral Knights is perfect example
as for i have on 1st set on face buttons attack, turbo attack, weapon change, basic skill (which makes monsters drop more health items) on face buttons and shield, dash, strafe and shield dash/bash skill on shoulder buttons i have under holding left analog stick set change to 2nd set where i have all other combat skills under face buttons and on/off for auto targeting, auto walk, map, and change map from small to big on shoulder buttons

which i would not be able to configure with only in game controls for any controller

but with AntiMicro i can extend it far more i have total of 3 sets to control this game from which 1st is main and 2nd and 3rd are activated under analog sticks with just buttons i dont use so often but i would need them sometimes

and again after i reinstall windows only thing i do in game is to remove all controller bindings in options and im ready to play after i loaded profile on AntiMicro

Try AntiMicro graphical program used to map keyboard keys and mouse controls to a gamepad/controller.
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