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What controller should I get?
02-24-2015, 02:41 PM (This post was last modified: 02-24-2015 02:44 PM by Vernon9398.)
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RE: What controller should I get?
(02-20-2015 07:50 PM)PainFoinmr Wrote:  Hello!
With the download of this awesome emulator, I wanted to buy a controller. What should I get? Should I go for a fancy X360 controller? I read that the wireless requires batteries (can't you just charge it with cord like Dualshock 3?). Does Wired X360 has a USB plug? If so, can I just buy any Wired X360 or are there some PC adapted controllers that I should look for?
Maybe there are other controllers that are plug and play for PPSSPP that have D-pad just like on Dualshock not like on X360?

You could just buy the wired XBOX 360 wired controller because unlike the PS2's Dualshock, which uses a special connector to connect with the PS2 itself, the Xbox 360 wired controller uses usb, so you can go plug it and download the drivers.(Don't buy the PC version, they're just the same with the console version of the Xbox 360's wired controller, just re labeled to fetch a higher price)

(02-23-2015 08:17 PM)The Phoenix Wrote:  
(02-22-2015 07:54 AM)ZeroX4 Wrote:  
(02-21-2015 11:49 PM)The Phoenix Wrote:  
(02-21-2015 06:47 PM)ZeroX4 Wrote:  
(02-21-2015 05:34 PM)The Phoenix Wrote:  Hi there,

I bought a "Rock Candy" PS3 controller for my android tablet, works like a charm, PPSSPP.
All controls are re-definable, even the right hand analogue stick I was even able to map to the right face buttons (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square), so games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 etc worked brilliant.
The controller is wireless and uses a full size USB connector, I must say I haven't tested this on my PC yet though, but I shouldn't think that would be a problem.

i dont know how ur looks

but this 1 have best d-pad shape i can think of cause u wont press 2 directions by mistake

while d-pad shape on xbox model is garbage (i mean shape not where it is)

i had few gamepads with this d-pad in every it was easy to press 2 directions by accident thats why i warn every 1 to avoid this shape of d-pad on gamepads
Here is the item for sale on Cool

every site i find with this controller says (PS3) no of them say (PC)

check if it works on ur pc cause i think it supports only ps3
Hi sorry for the delay,

Seems the pad works just as well on PC as it did on Android, so can highly recommend the "Rock Candy pads". Cool

The PS3 controllers(Both third-party or not) connects to the PS3 using bluetooth, just like the wii controllers connect to the wii using bluetoth also, so you could use any PS3 controller, you just need DS3(Look for the offline version) and a bluetooth dongle if your PC/laptop don't have a bluetooth built in .

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