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Shield Question
01-29-2015, 12:31 PM
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RE: Shield Question
(01-22-2015 02:31 PM)fivefeet8 Wrote:  
(01-22-2015 07:50 AM)Prior Wrote:  What are some of the rumored features for PPSSPP 1.0? New settings to allow a better chance at running at 2x without slowdown would be great.

Also is there a chance of a shield portable 2 (rather than another tablet). I'd consider buying it if it were lighter weight and had the left analog stick in an xbox position, rather than playstation position.

Your guess is as good as anyone. Maybe a developer can chime in and suprise us. I'm guessing more compatibility and more speed improvements if even small. Would be nice to be able to combine shaders.

As for your other question, there is always a chance Nvidia will release another portable. I'm eagerly awaiting for something with the new Tegra X1 SOC chip. Big Grin Should blow the water out of PSP emulation on android.(and pretty much everything else on it)

Would you recommend rooting the shield so it could be overclocked? i'm curious as to whether overclocking the shield would give it a better chance of running ppsspp at 2x resolution without slowdown.
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