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Shield Question
01-22-2015, 07:50 AM
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RE: Shield Question
(01-21-2015 02:18 PM)fivefeet8 Wrote:  I'm guessing you have the Shield Portable not the Shield Tablet. The portable was a high end device a few years ago, but it's surpassed now by the Shield Tablet and Snapdragon 805 devices. I have a HTC One M8 and it doesn't run most PSP games on PPSSPP with 2x and above resolutions without moderate to heavy slowdown. My Shield Tablet is the only Android device that runs PPSSPP with resolutions up to 4x with little slowdown in most games.

Generally, Android devices need to have some frameskipping and lower resolution settings for most games to be full speed. Although, if you feel you should be getting better performance, I'd do a restart of the device and disable as many applications running in the background as possible.

What are some of the rumored features for PPSSPP 1.0? New settings to allow a better chance at running at 2x without slowdown would be great.

Also is there a chance of a shield portable 2 (rather than another tablet). I'd consider buying it if it were lighter weight and had the left analog stick in an xbox position, rather than playstation position.
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