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GE Debugger: Basic Questions
01-10-2015, 05:09 AM
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Question GE Debugger: Basic Questions
cxrE3HC.png (imgur)
Step Frame: Goes to next frame
Step Tex: Goes until the next texture is loaded
Step Draw: ???
Step Prim: ???
Step Into: Just like the "step" command anywhere you have ever seen one: executes the current step and moves the instruction pointer to the next one
Resume: Like the "run" command, resumes execution
Display list: What is this?
What are the three addresses?
On the far right it looks like decoded instructions like in the "disassembly" view for the CPU. Is there a list somewhere of what all the things do, like is in the MIPS manual?
What are all these tabs and what does the data there mean?
What does a color table look like?
OK great. I have this lovely texture (above screenshot) and I would like to dump it to any type of image format (using the PSP memory dump as the source). I'd like to do it "by hand" using a program I'll write myself. How do I do that? I want to understand how the texture is structured because I'd like to modify it later.
I checked stickies and did a forum search for "debugger" with no luck.
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