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Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl [ULUS-10142]
11-29-2017, 09:44 PM
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RE: Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl [ULUS-10142]
Some new codes.

_C0 Have All Utensils
_L 0x001B21B4 0x000000FF
_C0 Freeze Time
_L 0x001ADDBC 0x00000001
_C0 Fish Always Fed
_L 0x001B6E90 0x00000001

Note 1: For the All Utensils code, you'll still get the Saturday Shopping channel on your TV until all items have been 'normally bought'. But you'll still have all utensils available for cooking.
Note 2: The Freeze Time is a bug-free code unlike the "set time to xx:xx" code. Setting the time to a specific moment does not actually 'freeze' the time, and you'll notice that you are unable to enter shops/buildings, etc. after a while, because while the time does state it's 10AM for example - the game itself still passes time on the background. The 'Freeze Time' code on the other hand, actually freezes the time for real, without letting time pass in the background.
Note 3: I'm not 100% sure the fish code really works. But I did notice my fish amount increase overtime. It's not really necessary to use this code at all, since you can just modify one of your Rucksack slots to have Large Fish in there and then toss those in the pond. Tongue
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