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[Tutorial] How to play on (formerly
05-23-2017, 05:55 PM
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RE: [Tutorial] How to play on and actually is pointing to same ip address. If the player connection still blocked by firewall, closed port and nat there is no possibility to see the player in the room. DMZ is necessary for communicate over Internet.

Many people can't enable or didnt understand how to enable DMZ thats why there is no one in the room. Some user also stuck with their isp that did not have DMZ feature (like behind a smartphone cellular data).

The only solution is implement port tunneling on ppsspp code or using VPN.

@indexftw you re not so late to the party with online experience 200 user still playing daily on my openvpn server. Average 15-30 player available every hours, if you want to join just search my thread.

Experimenting with adhoc over internet system through Amultios custom ppsspp fork, find me in game

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