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[Tutorial] How to play on (formerly
07-22-2016, 05:46 AM
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RE: [Tutorial] How to play on
(07-21-2016 02:46 PM)Heikun Wrote:  Can you help me.. i can connect and see players in the gathering hall.. but they always broke off after loading the quest... thanks ☺

This usually happens when the player who picked up the quest didn't have DMZ enabled or is behind a firewall, blocking access.
Try joining another player's quest and see if you'll break out of it, if not, then:
1. The player who picked the quest has DMZ enabled.
2. You don't have DMZ enabled and it's required to play on
3. If you do have DMZ enabled, then a firewall is blocking your emulator, hence why you won't be able to create any quests for others to join, due to blocked ports.

What happens is, without DMZ your emulator try to look for the other player on Port X only, since every other port will be blocked.
But the games listen to many different ports at the same time, sometimes it's even randomized, depending on the game.
So when the player who has DMZ enabled creates a quest, the game is actually listening to ALL ports (since it can be randomized), so the emulators will be able to find an open port (since everything is open due to DMZ) eventually and connect.
But not every game accepts this behaviour, DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team for example won't even let you see players in the lobby without DMZ.
In short, to play on, enabling DMZ on our routers is required.
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