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[Tutorial] How to play on (formerly
12-14-2015, 01:36 PM (This post was last modified: 12-14-2015 01:48 PM by XxBlackPhantomxX.)
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RE: [Video Tutorial] How to play on
So I did everything as said in the video, and when I start a game I can find it in the game list, so when I start Dragonballz for an example, I can see that the number of players is increased by 1, but whenever I actually go to the online lobby in the game I don't see anyone, I tried this with many games but none have worked, please help

(01-08-2015 01:51 PM)rohirim Wrote:  Yeah, I mean my AV has its own firewall and taking over Windows firewall entirely, and I add PPSSPP on its exceptional list.
Still no luck. I either check or unchecked the built-in PRO Adhoc Server and still not matching with other players.
And also, maybe you hardly watched it because of my poor quality video but player count on the server really go up soon after quick refresh (its 5 to 6) which meant that I successfully connected and I also tried to host the game no one played (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep), and it really connected.

Well, maybe I'll stick with Evolve for awhile, at least until I find the solution.

Thanks for the replies anyway. Cheers.Smile

I have the same problem as yours, and i searched everywhere and couldnt find a solution
but since u said " Well, maybe I'll stick with Evolve for awhile, at least until I find the solution" that means evolve works for u(hopefuly), if so then could u teach me how to use it or send me a tutorial link
i also would like to play Kingdom hearts with you
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