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[Tutorial] How to play on (formerly
10-31-2015, 01:44 PM (This post was last modified: 10-31-2015 01:48 PM by lumune.)
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RE: [Video Tutorial] How to play on
(10-22-2015 05:46 PM)Antonio1994 Wrote:  Has anyone tryed MGS PW (US version) in procoldbirds servers? I see there are 4 players and 2 ghosts but I cant seem to find any game, both versus and CooP...

It does work but in some games (don't know if it's the case with PW) we cannot see game lobbys while there is a game ongoing.
My guess would be there were 2 players in-game, since PW is co-op, 2 players is the maximum numbers to join in a game room. That is why you couldn't see them, this happens with lots of games.
There are few games like Monster Hunter series, where players can join a room with an ongoing game, most of them block the connection after the game has started, so we don't see the room or the players because they are already in a game.

You can confirm if there are players hosting/in-game with this method:
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