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[Tutorial] How to play on (formerly
03-24-2015, 05:56 PM (This post was last modified: 03-24-2015 05:58 PM by lumune.)
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RE: [Video Tutorial] How to play on
(03-24-2015 11:40 AM)Xaelath Wrote:  Instructions unclear.
What is DMZ?
Do i need one or are there any other options without using dmz?
I am currently using phone to pc wifi.

DMZ or DMZ Host, is an abbreviation for DeMilitarized Zone.

By setting up a DMZ or DMZ Host in your Router/Switch/Hub you're opening ALL TCP and UDP ports in your Operational System. The only way to block them again at this point would be either with a Firewall or disabling it to return to how it was before (by disabling DMZ or DMZ Host).

Unfortunately, enabling DMZ or DMZ Host is required to play on because neither JPCSP or PPSSPP emulators support UPnP as of now. The games can pick any port they desire, it's random.
If you cannot enable DMZ or DMZ Host, you should look for a VPN program (Evolve, Hamachi, Tunngle, etc) and join someone elses server to play. These VPN programs support UPnP, so you don't need DMZ or DMZ Host enabled, just UPnP (don't worry, most modern Routers/Switchs/Hubs ship with UPnP enabled by default). You won't be able to play on though, even by using a VPN.

Enabling DMZ or DMZ Host is required to play on server. That's why i start the tutorial showing how to enable it, because if you can't, then you don't need to watch past that because it won't work.
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