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Crashes on Save State
01-02-2015, 06:13 AM
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RE: Crashes on Save State
Try turning off fast memory. To be more specific than above, I believe there were bugs in emulating Corpse Party in v0.9.8 and we've fixed them. Unfortunately, even if these savestates load in the latest version, it will "preserve" many of the bugs (because that's how savestates work.)

You might try saving in game near each savestate and loading those games in the latest build, and recreating savestates. Ultimately, ingame saves are the safest.

The crash you get when creating a savestate - does it happen even when you start from loading savedata / a new game, and don't load any savestate? Or does it happen only when loading a savestate before trying to save one? If the latter, it's unfortunately probably a bug in v0.9.8 that has most likely been fixed by now.

If it still does crash in the latest build when creating a savestate without any other savestates involved, that's definitely a current bug that we can try to do something about. Unfortunately, I don't have the game.

If it crashes even with fast memory off in that case, a stack trace would help me to fix it the most. You'd need to compile PPSSPP to get a stack trace currently, but it's fairly easy and all the resources to do it are free. If you're game, there's a topic on the forum about it:

If you do get it running, from Visual Studio just press F5, which will launch in debugging mode. As soon as it crashes, Visual Studio will come to life and snatch the stack trace, which will be near the bottom in one of the panels. A screenshot of that is what I need.

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