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Texture Scaling does not apply when changed in Fullscreen mode. Bug?
11-13-2014, 06:55 AM
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Texture Scaling does not apply when changed in Fullscreen mode. Bug?
I considered posting this on the github but I decided to post it here first and see if others have the same results before I clutter up the github.

I tend to run everything in PPSSPP in full screen all the time and I recently noticed that if you're in fullscreen mode and in a game and change the settings Graphics > Texture Scaling > Upscale Level it does not apply the changes.

I found an old but similar posting on the github in regards to Rendering Resolution. Link -

When using windowed mode and changing the setting from the dropdown menu the change is applied immediately. However, if you change the setting in fullscreen mode the change will not be applied until you either cycle from fullscreen to windowed and back to fullscreen or you restart the emulator entirely.

I first noticed this occuring on buildbot build "ppsspp-v0.9.9.1-866-gcbef4fa-windows-amd64" with the game "Adventures to Go". I quickly tested various builds and games and found that it occured on all games I tested and on all builds all the way back to the last stable release of 9.9.1.

Just curious if this is something anyone else noticed and whether or not it is actually a bug or is something already known that just kind of works out that way for whatever reason.
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