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Unable to manually bind dualshock 4 controls?
11-06-2014, 07:39 PM
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Unable to manually bind dualshock 4 controls?
So I have my note 4 and I'm connecting it to the dualshock 4 controller (playstation 4 controller in case anybody is unsure) through an OTG cable. Works great in my other emulators, but for some reason it's wonky on ppsspp. I cleared out all the preset config, and let it auto configure, I select the sony controller option and it binds most of the buttons correctly. Except the triangle button is bound to L1, and all the other action buttons are to something else. If I try to manually bind the buttons it keeps defaulting to the y axis something (don't have the set up on my right now).

Is there any way of manually going into an ini file and editing it so that the right buttons are to the right command?
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