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*UPDATE* Working ~ "PPSSPP" Has Stopped Working
11-05-2014, 01:41 PM (This post was last modified: 11-06-2014 05:26 AM by kushandmusic.)
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*UPDATE* Working ~ "PPSSPP" Has Stopped Working
Hi there,
First time poster and small time lurker and I have encountered a problem while trying to play so far 3 of the games I have downloaded on my Android Venue Tablet. I have tried Persona 3, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and TotW: Radiant Mythology. I have no frame rate issues, no blackscreen, no saving problems; It's just that with all of these games at a certain point while playing they all crash and give me the message that PPSSPP has stopped working. In KH when I am in the 2nd cut scene after you start a new game, in Persona 3 right before your first battle, and in Radiant Mythology, right before it lets me choose whether I want to be male or female. I have played with the settings and have followed numerous tutorials to the exact step to try to resolve this issue and this is the only problem I am having. Does anyone have any insight as to whats happening and why its doing this? NOTE: I am running Ver. of PPSSPP


UPDATE: So after a full day of messing around, restoring my tablet etc.. I finally have just come to the conclusion that Version has a bug that causes the application to crash before a major cutscene/event takes place (i.e. Cutscene, in game sprite uploading etc..). After a while I finally just decided that an older client must be used to compensate for the error. I first uninstalled the new version of the application and then downloaded Version 0.9.8. Right away everything was fixed; no more crashing. Please PPSSPP look into this as soon as possible so that others don't encounter the same problem I had.
Thanks again guys and I must say that this is the best application I have ever downloaded by far and will donate as soon as I can! Big Grin

How to download Version 0.9.8:
1. Go to your Settings~Security
2. Make sure that the Unknown Sources box is checked (this will allow you to download and install the earlier Version)
3. Go to the PPSSPP downloads page, download Version 0.9.8 and Install
4. Adjust your settings accordingly and there you go!
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