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HTC one M8 and USB OTG PS3 controller- How to make it work!
10-27-2014, 03:18 AM
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HTC one M8 and USB OTG PS3 controller- How to make it work!
So, I'm sure there is at least a few people out there that want to use a controller with this phone but don't want to have to root it to do so, and have been pulling their hair out trying to figure out how to get it to work with a USB OTG adapter instead... Because I know I sure as hell was, and couldn't find anything about a solution on the internet. Well I figured it out, and decided It needed to be written down somewhere for others to find So they didn't have to go through all the suffering and anger I did... With that said here's how...
What you will need... The sixaxis enabler app (it's a $1.58 but it's all I have found that works), the BT joystick app(free), and obviously an USB OTG adapter for your phone.
step 1) connect your PS3 controller to your phone using the USB OTG adapter
step 2) open the sixaxis enabler app and do what it says (your controller should only have the "1" red light lit once done)
step 3) open the BT joystick app, make sure to turn on the "ime" switch thing on the top left of the app then hit search and click on the big box that pops up... The controller should not only be found(the big box popping up) at this point, but should also register that buttons and the analogs are actually being pushed and moved if you take a look at button mapping little red boxes.
step 4) open up the PPSSPP app and go into settings--->controls--->control mapping and make sure to map all the buttons on the controller to their corresponding button in PPSSPP.
step 5) go into game and enjoy finally being able to use a controller!

Hopefully this helps someone out, because I sure as hell know how frustrating it's been trying to get this to work and the internet being no help! Good luck guys!
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