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Console games will be killed?
10-24-2014, 09:11 PM
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RE: Console games will be killed?
(10-24-2014 08:33 PM)[Unknown] Wrote:  
(10-24-2014 07:56 PM)ZeroX4 Wrote:  about that forum thats bad example you missunderstand data transfer with data processing

there is difference in HOW NOT MUCH it takes to load this forum and HOW MUCH WOULD TAKE TO LOAD THE GAME (depending on how big game it is)

I can assure you that I understand this very well. There are many websites and even forums with MANY gigabytes of data, larger than many games for sure (note that this counts image attachments and other data - posts themselves might be ~1KB per post or so with metadata and indexes, depending on verbosity of posters, so large forums with millions of posts are obviously in the gigabytes.) Assets are an easy thing to transfer or stream. Even when you play a console game, they are being streamed from the disc. As network transfer speeds increase, the difference from a disc will decrease.

Already you have some console games which require an "install." There's no reason a network streamed game couldn't work the same way. The installed portion wouldn't function alone, just as it does not (e.g. in PSP games) now.

It's the game code, typically the smallest portion, that is actually crucial to gameplay. Just as the post tracking system on a forum is a crucial part of having a forum; the post data (assets) aren't as useful alone (although you can still do things with them for sure.)

And yes, the future is now. There are already games that work this way. I'm just predicting that there will be more, however exactly it works.


no no no i didnt mean that you dont understand something i just said that loading forum and loading game would be 2 different things since data on forum is static and in game there are many variables like moving objects where they are at this point ETC ow well forgot to mention im thinking about this all in light of MMO games

well nvm just imagine that mirosoft's surface table and TV connected where table works as console you play some game you and to play it you just PUT ur psp on it and you select ur game and puff lololololol

than in game hit pause pause text displays on tv screen but on table you see game menu or map and you can rotate it move around with ur fingers

or using wireless gamepad my god my god i would be just like

[Image: giphy.gif]

Try AntiMicro graphical program used to map keyboard keys and mouse controls to a gamepad/controller.
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10-24-2014, 09:39 PM
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RE: Console games will be killed?
Yep, all of that is possible today indeed.

Although latency in such a situation could be challenging (for example, for music games) if all interfaces were involved in the game. Could make for a very interesting RTS experience though, of course.

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