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(Android) Touches in bottom half of the screen register below touch location
10-13-2014, 11:51 PM
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(Android) Touches in bottom half of the screen register below touch location

So I've finally managed to get a screen shot that'll show this issue that's been plaguing me for a while on PPSSPP.

So, as the subject says, for some reason, all touches in PPSSPP (And PPSSPP only) end up registering below where they are actually touch- I've also figured out that the touch registration error is only in the bottom half of the screen- the top half works perfectly (Or, if the registration error gradually gets worse, it's too small above the half way mark to be noticeable).

The screen shot I've attached shows what I'm talking about more directly- the white blob in the middle of the text "First Departure" in the game "Star Ocean- First Departure" is where I'm actually touching (Generated with one of the debug options in android that's showing where I touch), and obviously, PPSSPP thinks I"m touching "Star Ocean- Second Evolution.

This error occurs everywhere in PPSSPP, but only in PPSSPP- My actual device functions normally in all other function, and only PPSSPP is showing problems.

It's been present for a while in the debug versions, and is also present in PPSSPP Gold version from the Play Store.

(Screenshot was too large to attach or show, so just follow the link)
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