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FF type-0 is so hard....
10-06-2014, 04:10 PM
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RE: FF type-0 is so hard....
No cheats needed, grinding is not required either. It's a FF game = it's casual and pretty short unless you want to do everything which requires multiply playthroughts anyway as some things do require high levels and some others never can even happen on first or second playthroughs(on a side note this is also why all new FF games have soo many butthurt haters;3).

Basically there are 2 ways to have it easy:
1. Level up skills for evasion(up to infinite evasion) and i-frames(invincibility frames are OP in all japanese action rpg's, if you played Dark Souls then you should knew that already;]), 99% of the attacks can be easily evaded and even if you're bad at doing it, I think around 10 hours of playing the game, moogle in the entrance to the academy will give you something to auto-dodge:].
2. If you didn't get the above passive skills and have variety of active skills which mostly appear useless since you can equip only as much anyway, then make a proper party setup with characters specialized in DPS, Crowd Control and Healing. Do NOT give items, skills and spells which are universally good and/or powerfull, but those which can specialize your characters into those 3 roles. You want to basically debuff and/or group opponents, deal heavy distance and/or AOE dmg and have a healer which can ressurect you if things go bad or a buffer to avoid things ever going bad.
Universal characters are useless and decrease your party potential as well as confuse AI.:] If you set all characters to be powerfull fighters, nobody ever will heal you, nobody ever will buff you, nobody ever will use skills to collect enemies into one place or debuff them. You actually can solo everything, but it's only possible at very high levels with powerfull game breaking items, before you get there, the game is really party oriented.

Pick your character based on weapon moveset you enjoy, nothing worse than forcing yourself for some char because someone said it's better because you always get more from character you enjoy playing and fits your style. Note that it can change via skills so some initially boring characters get crazy later on.

Oh also:
- Summons ~ are mostly useless, they're like end game rewards, fun to use and cool to look at, but they will not make the game any easier since ultimately you will kill faster and they also ruin your score in missions which is the only place you can use them;].
- Magic ~ depending on your build, can be very usefull or just fun, end game you will be able to abuse it as you wish, but early game it'll be very limited, especially if you need mana for that auto evade spell.

If you absolutely will have to levelup to get those evade skills etc., at least do it by replaying missions from main menu, you have to do it anyway at all difficulty levels to get more rewards like items, spells and summons. If you have one with a game, you can also get a friend to invade your world and make it more fun through coop.

Hope something from this post helps you, technically being similar lvl or higher than opponent makes it much easier since dmg scales by lvl difference, but as long as you belive in your i-frames nothing will be able to stop you. - Custom PPSSPP Shaders! - simple CE scripts to help creating CWCheats, - CWCheat workarounds.
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