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Grand Theft Auto - Vice City Stories
01-09-2015, 10:32 PM
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RE: Grand Theft Auto - Vice City Stories
(01-09-2015 04:00 PM)flawless911 Wrote:  GTA Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories still have Serious Issues on PowerVR GPUs.. Main Character, Pedestrians and basically all Humans are Invisible except in Cutscenemko90s.. Also Traffic and all Vehicles are Invisible.. Among other disappearing Objects like some Trees.. I wish this would be looked Into.. But Thanks for all the effort PPSSPP Devs

I already posted the solve in Liberty City theme (:

Just change your render to non-buffered.
You will see nothing but a darkness, so push start to see a map.
When map appears wait 2 secs and push start second time.

Also for me the game runs better without frameskip, but with 45 cpu clock.
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