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ppsspp lagg
09-06-2014, 10:48 PM
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Information RE: ppsspp lagg
(09-06-2014 10:11 PM)BlazinEmperor Wrote:  I thought i was the only one that noticed. but some games have gotten faster, while those that were pretty fast before are losing speed, like Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes was flawless at 30fps/100% now runs at 25-30fps/80%. I complain everytime, but it seems like no one listens.
Hi there,

This is going to be hard to explain in words but I will attempt it. Confused

The reason the games that were running faster before, but are slowing down now, was because of what you mentioned on the Tekken thread, the graphic routines are now being fully implemented, which in turn is making the emulator, have to work far harder to run some games, for example, try running the games using 'Non-Buffered Rendering', that makes the games run faster because its stopping the special effects from being displayed, but there is one draw back with that, quite a few games don't work using that mode sadly, and appear just as black screens, so we have to use 'Buffered Rendering' for most of the games, so they appear to slow down, due to it having more to process in the correct way.
But the games that were slow at the start to run, and now are fastening up, is because of the same process, those games were throwing loads of errors in the debug log, thus slowing the game down.
But as each error gets fixed or by implementing some new routines, the game has less things trying to stop it from running, if you see what I mean.

So it just is because of progress made in the development of the emulator.

I am sure the developers are looking at every single way of improving performance, so this will run the fastest possible on all our devices, it just takes time & patience. Cool
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