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Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower
11-10-2018, 09:35 AM
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RE: Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower
(11-09-2018 08:03 AM)LunaMoo Wrote:  I explained the actual problem, decision about removing game breaking options as well as the only proper way to run this game in my posts above for anyone interested.
No, you did not. I read every word you posted, as well as the two issue threads you linked to and nowhere in any of that did you explain how leaving that option in the menus caused any problems.

You listed what problems it caused when people USE it, but not what problems it caused just by being an OPTION.

When you install older versions of PPSSPP, that option is NOT enabled. The only time it gets enabled is if a game needs it to be playable in OpenGL/DirectX rendering modes. So the only games it caused problems for were the ones people needed to use it on.

In other words, for the majority of games that option is never enabled so it has no effect whatsoever on PPSSPP's performance or its stability. That's the entire point of an option; it's optional to use it. When not in use, it just sits there and does absolutely nothing. You have not posted a single word disputing this.

Your entire argument seems to be; "It didn't work properly when people used it, so we had to remove it to stop people from using it." That's circular logic. I want to know what problems it caused when people weren't using it because I really can't see much justification for removing an option that made some games playable if it only caused problems when it was being used on the games that weren't playable any other way in hardware mode.

Setting the Bezier/Spline quality to low causes major graphical glitches in some games, does that mean that option is going to removed as well, even though the majority of games don't need it?

(11-09-2018 08:03 AM)LunaMoo Wrote:  I will however not answer personal attacks by idiots who think they will gain anything by doing so, you all can use outdated PPSSPP as long as you want, this emulator is not made by MS and does not include forced updates, that's my last post in this thread.
Unlike your attack where you denigrated people who would prefer to play a game that functions 90% correctly than to not be able to play it at all if they don't have a system as fast as yours?

Reading your messages in the forum, I often get a vibe that you believe how you use PPSSPP is the correct way and that anyone who wants to use it differently or who would like an option that enhances their ability to play some games, is using it the wrong way. When I asked about problems assigning button presses to the mouse movements you basically argued that it wasn't supposed to be used that way. When I explained that it would enhance games by offering additional control options, you pretty much dismissed the idea because you didn't think it had merit and because you couldn't see yourself using it.

You haven't said anything in this thread to dispel that idea. When people lament an option that made Darkstalkers playable in hardware mode, even if it wasn't perfect, you dismiss them and tell them that they should be using software mode like you. Your arguments for removing the read to memory option boil down to; "It didn't work properly when people used it and I didn't like that, so we removed it." You have yet to explain how just leaving it in the menus would have hurt anything.
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