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My List of Games that does/doesn't (properly) work in 0.9.9 Please Help!!!!
07-27-2014, 07:19 PM (This post was last modified: 07-28-2014 01:56 PM by saifraja.)
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My List of Games that does/doesn't (properly) work in 0.9.9 Please Help!!!!
Hello Guys,
So here is the thing,a week ago my psp directional buttons were malfunctioning so i was unable to play games on psp.So i decided to download a psp emulator to play on pc n i came across this ppsspp v0.9.9 n downloaded it.However there were many games with same/similar problems(seriously!) on this emulaor so i decided to post them here.The following games work or doesn't with same/similar problems :
(Please recommend a setting that would work with my game collection)

007 : Works Fine (Boring)
2Fast2Furious : The game starts fine however when accessing career mode the game freezes (ppsspp has stopped working)
3rd Birthday 2011 : Fantastic (this game is awesum)
Age of Zombies : Fantastic
Amcore3 : Works Fine (Boring)
Assassins Creed Bloodline : Fantastic
AsphatUrbanGT : Fantastic
ATV Offroad Fury Blazin Trails : Works Fine,but can't see the rider sometimes/game screen keeps on blinking
Bleach Soul Carnival : Blank Screen
Bleach Soul Carnival 2 : Works fine but freezes same as 2fast2furious
Bounty Hounds : Works fine but takes lots of time to load (it loads for atleast 30-40 sec in black screen)
Burnout Dominator : Fantastic
Bust a Move Ghost : Fantstic
Crash Tagteam Racing : Loads forever (Checking Memory not close/turn off)
Crazy Taxi fare Wars : Starts fine but freezes just like 2fast2furious/bleach.soul.carnival.2
Dead to Rights Reckoning : Fantastic
Def Jam fight for NY : Fantastic
Demolition Racer : Error loading file:could not find executable disk0:/PSP_GAME-SYSDIR/BOOT.BIN
Digimon Adventure : Works Great but upper screen doesn't seem right
Fifa 09/10/13/Street.1 & 2 : All fifa games have blurry images
Final Fantasy 1 : Fantastic
Final Fantasy 4 : Fantastic
Final Fantasy 7 Crisis.Core : after the end of the begining movie,the game freezes,right on instructions just like 2fast2furious/bleach.soul.carnival.2/
Ford Street Racing L.A Duel : messed up images,green lights etc
God of War Ghost of Sparta : the game movie starts fine but the game lags (75% or so)
Grip Shift : Pixeled Screen/Game freezes like /2fast2furious/bleach.soul.carnival.2/final.fantsy7
Grand.theft.Auto.Vice.City.Stories : Works Great but upper screen same as digimon adventure
Half Life : Same as Demolition Racer
Harvey Birdman : Same as fifa except the movie works better
Hellboy : Fantastic
Legend of Heroes : Fantastic
Legend of Heroes 2 : Fantastic
Legend of Heroes 3 : Fantastic
Loco Roco : Fantastic
Marvel Nemesis Rise of the Inhumans : Same as fifa/Harvey Birdman
Metal Gear Solid Portable ops : Surprisingly Fantastic
Miami Vice : Fantastic Awesum
Michael Jackson The Experience : Fantastic
Micro Machine : Fantastic
Midnight Club 3 : Works fine however lower screen same as digimon adventure/grand theft
Midnight Club L.A Remix : Lagging
Moto GP : Works fine
Motor Storm Artic Edge : Hangs while loading
MX vs ATV Unleashed : Fantastic
Mx vs ATV Untamed : Works fine till menu however race starts with black screen but i can here the sound n perform controls like acceleration,pause,stop etc
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact : loads fast but lags alot same as midnight club la remix
Nascar : messep up images
NFS Carbon OTC/Most Wanted/Prostreet/Undercover/Underground.Rivals : same as fifa games/Harvey Birdman however NFS Shift works Fantastic
Outrun 2006 : Black screen with some visible icons/can hear sounds too
Patapon 3 : Fantastic (just awesome)
Pimp My Ride : Works fine however freeze n crashes just like 2fast2furious/bleach.soul.carnival.2/final.fantasy.7/grip.shift
Race Driver 2006 : same as Nascar
Racer Driver 2 : same as nascar/race driver
Resistance Retribution : lagging( up images just like nascar/race.driver.2006
Ridge Racer : Blank screen same as bleach.soul.carnival
Ridge Racer 2 : Fantastic
Sega Rally Revo : black screen with some visible icon/sounds same as outrun 2006
Secret Saturdays : Fantastic
Sonic Rivals : Works fine but too bright
SuperBike 2008 : Works Fine
Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow : Lagging same as
Tekken 6 : Works Fantastic but has some weird lines on characters
Test Driver Unlimited : lags like crazy
Thrillville : Blank screen just like bleach.soul.carnival/rigde racer1/2
Tom Clancys End War : Works Great with only a bit sound break
Tomb Raider Legend : Fanastic
Wipeout Pure : Fantastic
Wipeout Pulse : Fantastic
Worms Open Warfare : Fantastic
Zenonia : Fantastic

The above errors appeared even after applying certain changes from "Guide :Maximizing the Performance...."

PC Specs : Win 7 32bit SP1/Intel Core2 Duo CPU E7400 @2.800GHz/2GB RAM/Intel G41 Express Chipset

PPSSPP Settings : -

Graphics :-

Audio :-

System :-

P.S : Sorry for the trouble guys,really hate myself for being thickhead n THANKS IN ADVANCE

Also what do you think of my collection?

Please recommend some games like 3rd birthday,resistance retribution(some timepass(in office) minis too) etc also is monster hunter that good?

For some reason i can't attach more than toatal of 2mb images (new attachment button vanished )but it says unlimited?
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07-30-2014, 06:45 PM
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RE: My List of Games that does/doesn't (properly) work in 0.9.9 Please Help!!!!
You shouldn't post a new thread like that... Confused
We have a thread for each game on the forum, so you should post in each game's thread to write your compatibility results Smile


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