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Is the "PS4 emulator" PS4EMX for real? (No!)
07-06-2014, 05:54 AM
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RE: Is the "PS4 emulator" PS4EMX for real?
(07-06-2014 05:26 AM)LunaMoo Wrote:  I would say it's pretty clear what they want, basically this is a project to fund them all a free hardware. They even wrote that on their project page - don't have the consoles, games, pc with blu ray drive nor even experience of any kind in this.
Seems like a kickstarter for beer, except the hardware costs much more than beer. If anyone donates for that it'll be his/her tax for stupidity.

Based on the Git codebase they appear to (though very poorly) know C++ and programming concepts to some extent. Assuming they are just doing this to get funding for new computers and have no interest in the project as a functional emulator, why would their coding suggest some degree of seriousness then?

And some other weird things about PS4EMX is that the project was originally started on SourceForge by ghaststeam, but they closed it there and then it went to Github ... but the main poster barely added any code. Soon later a User named bellysaga, who can be found on Tom's Hardware defending the PS4 "emulator", began adding commits and the only other User who has been doing so is named embrendassy ... which has a project fork of PCSX2 claiming to be a port for ARM for Android/iOS. On a YouTube video with a fake emulator I found a like to a PS2 emulator project that supposedly was called "EmotionSoiD" ... there was a fake app dressed as a supposed PS2 hosted on Box ... the name used was "Brenda" ... which seems relative to "Embrendassy". And the User bellysaga was claimed to be related to the user ghaststeam on the RPCS3 forums ... and on top of all that, one of the "contributors" names is "mushroom1" ... there was a user who would repeatedly tall of RPCS3 supporting low level emulation named mushroom on ... and they forked RPCS3 ... and another user that goes by the name Haagens was denied a pull request from the project, despite them also being associated with the other users. This is just beyond strange ......
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