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Is the "PS4 emulator" PS4EMX for real? (No!)
07-05-2014, 09:40 PM
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RE: Is the "PS4 emulator" PS4EMX for real?
Wow, really? Trolling? I had no idea. It just seems weird that if they are making a fake emulator they would just do as all the other fakers do and make fake videos and a website and stuff ... but despite the amateurish-ness of it I can't tell if it is just new or crappy programmers legitimately attempting to emulate PS4 hardware somewhat or just pure douchebags trying to make non-programmers think it is real. Code updates are very minor (but still seem legit somewhat) and their FAQ states that "emulating the CPU is not a concern" or such. Can't tell what the motive is: literally trying to get an emulator out of this or screwing with people.
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