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Installing osx version without installing xcode
07-10-2014, 11:13 AM (This post was last modified: 07-10-2014 11:28 AM by slavezeo.)
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RE: Installing osx version without installing xcode
(07-10-2014 06:46 AM)xsacha Wrote:  
(07-06-2014 12:56 AM)slavezeo Wrote:  But if you're going for immersion then no fullscreen is kinda a drag. I'll try to figure out the QT port and see if i can do anything with it.

Native mac menus would be totally awesome, but finding someone to do it would most likely prove difficult. If any one cares to look at the Mac port of Desmume, it has awesome support for menus and other mac niceties. Maybe it'd be worth a look for some reference.

I'm unable to test Mac OSX on Qt. Although, while I had Mac OSX on my laptop, I did get it working perfectly.
If you have any issues or errors, please tell me and I'll fix them right up Smile

I require Qt 5.0 as a minimum for Mac now. Please use the latest one (5.3.1) for the best results. You can download the development libraries here: <link removed>

If you want to use an IDE to develop on it, I think XCode should work but I have no experience in using it. QtCreator (downloadable here: <link removed> ) will work out of the box fairly simply (just hit 'Run'). Otherwise use command-line (qmake && make).

The Qt port does use native mac menus. It also supports fullscreen toggle-able by double-click (when game not running), the platform-specific fullscreen button for Mac OSX (Ctrl+Meta+F) or in menu.
It also packages it in to a .app for you.

I Downloaded QtCreator and give it the old college try. It threw an error in gl_common.h when looking for GL/glew.h . I had to end up going in and hardcoding it to /usr/include/GL/glew.h . After I did this it compiled just great.

The only issue I found so far is that gamepads do not work in the Qt build. Although, they work fine in the SDL build. The Qt build does pull in my gamepad configuration including button mapping from the SDL build. The buttons are mapped correctly, but it still doesn't detect a gamepad at all.

After I figure out the gamepad issue (it might just be my gamepad/system) I'll package it up and make it available.

Thanks for the reply and pointing us in the right direction.
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