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best GBA emulator for android
10-04-2014, 07:56 AM
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RE: best GBA emulator for android
Oh yeah I remember minish cap. I got to the last or second to last dungeon and my game kept crashing so I was never able to finish it.

No the punching wasn't a normal thing. I perfected all of those games on a gameboy advanced SP (which I still have.. I lost the charger though). The punching was definitely off in the emulated version. I was rarely able to punch anyone. For some reason enemies constantly punched me first. It was as if they had a greater range or the emulator wasnt responding to my inputs in time.

On the GBA versions I almost always hit enemies first and sometimes even locked them against walls and kept punching them over and over. With the emulator I was lucky to land a single punch. That was a huge problem in legacy of goku 2 but buu's fury worked much better. Not sure what was up with that.
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