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best GBA emulator for android
10-03-2014, 09:06 PM
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RE: best GBA emulator for android
(10-03-2014 06:11 PM)AlphaKennyTime Wrote:  Which gba games do you guys recommend? I don't like pokemon. I liked DBZ: Buus Fury and Legacy of Goku 1 and 2 on my GBA. I tried them on an android emulator a while back (don't remember which one) but something was off with the punching. What were supposed to be really easy fights in the very beginning of the games were nearly impossible because everyone else punched me before I could hit them first.
for the punshing , that a normal thing because its the system gameplay of DBZ Legacy 2 and buus Fury , you need to run and hit , then hide or use ki blast... Wink

If you are a fan of rpg , i will recommand Golden sun, one of the best role playing game on the system
Also you can play the sequel : Golden sun The Lost Age
and for my others recommandation , you should play :
- summon night sordcraft story 1 and 2
- urbz sims in the city
- fire emblem (both games)
- advance war 2
- Zelda - The Minish Cap
- Kingdom Hearts - Chain of Memories

those are the most playable and enjyable and easy games to handle on the emulator , the lis is long , it just i can't remember them all right nows.. Big Grin

i m French sry for my English ^_^

Not everyone is an english native speaker.It's fine.
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