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Better antialiasing ?
06-02-2014, 12:16 PM (This post was last modified: 06-03-2014 06:04 PM by Arborea.)
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RE: Better antialiasing ?
(06-02-2014 11:16 AM)solarmystic Wrote:  Right now, your only other option is some rough downsampling via the rendering resolution option. Works only with Buffered Rendering.

E.g. On a 1080p screen, set the rendering resolution to 8x for a SSAA effect. Clears up a lot of the jaggies at the cost of reduced performance and increased VRAM usage.

Alternatively, you can force MSAA from your graphics control panel but it'll only work with Non-buffered rendering. This is confirmed to work on both NVIDIA and AMD cards.
It works only in non-Buffered mode so you cant use MSAA in combination with shaders and driver forced AA is not reliable in general, MSAA/SMAA built in as option in emulator settings like with some other emulators would be far better. I have high resolution monitor so I dont need to downsample. Higher internal resolution is better than AA alone but higher resolution + MSAA/SMAA/SSAA is better than higher resolution alone. So I hope there will be more advanced antialiasing options in the future.
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