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[TUTORIAL]How to install DLC on Ouya, and set up FTP client
05-11-2014, 02:58 AM
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[TUTORIAL]How to install DLC on Ouya, and set up FTP client
Alright, I've never done this before type of thing before, that thought I should give it shot.
First of all, you will need these files/programs.
SwiFTP for Android
Filezilla for computer
flash drive of some sort
FilePwn (on Ouya store)
PPSSPP (obviously)
Game iso (obviously)
DLC Files to Copy over (obviously)
seplugin for DLC recognition

[NOTE: The FTP clients don't have to be these, but these are what I used, so it's best to use these if you are following this tutorial.]

First: You'll need a download both of the files above.
Take your flash drive, and copy SwiFTP to it.

Second: Install SwiFTP on Ouya through FilePwn.
(You should have Filezilla installed on your PC at this time)

Third: Open Filezilla. Click on the File Tab, and pick Site Manager (or press Ctrl+S)
A window should appear find a button that reads new site. Click it. Name your site Ouya.

4th: Now head to your Ouya. Check it Manage, Network. Copy your IP Address. Type that into "host" on Filezilla where it tells you.

5th: Back to Ouya, go to Make, Software, and open SwiFTP. Click Set up.
It should tell you to enter a name, password, where your root folder is, and stuff like that. It'll also say port. It should be 2121. What ever that is. Copy it, and type into "port" on Filezilla.

6th: Back to Ouya: make your name and password for your Ouya, I suggest you leave the root folder alone "/" Save settings.
Now type the name and password you chose for your Ouya into Filezilla where you're told. "user" "password"

7th: Make sure your server type on Filezilla reads FTP and logon type normal. Save and exit.

8th: Now start SwiFTP and connect to the Ouya through Filezilla.
You would do as you would with creating. But instead of clicking create site. Click on the Ouya site you made. "Connect to Site"

9th: If all is correct: you should connect to the root of your Ouya.

10th: If you're storing your PPSSPP on the internal drive. Look for sdcard in the list of folders. If it's external, usbdrive. This is your only difference between the two.

11th: Open the folder, look for PSP afterwards, open it, and look for GAME. Open that.

12th: Then you can copy the DLC folder containing the DLC into that folder. "ULES10505" is DD012FF Eur. You can search "psp game ID list" to find that exact ID for your game"
(This doesn't work for all games. Games before 2007, I believe. Save the DLC to SAVE DATA instead of GAME, and I think you'll have to add something to the DLC folder name, if so, ask me to help, though try it without renaming first)

13th: You'll need to have a folder inside PSP called "seplugin" This is case sensitive too. Inside that folder you should have a file called "game.txt" and "nploader.prx" Copy that to your Ouya.

14th: If everything went accordingly, you will have all the DLC. Modded DLC you can just take those files, they'll likely be .edat, copy those into the DLC folder, for THAT GAME. Each game has a different ID.

I'm not giving links, but simply Googling it will get you your files.

If you have questions, just ask. I'll do my best to assist.
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