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small request: fix splines
02-23-2013, 09:04 AM
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Smile small request: fix splines
Hello, PPSSPP community!
I really love the emulator on my Android phone, it's the only PSP emulator I've ever gotten to run LocoRoco. It's gone from crashing at language selection, to invisible LocoRoco/unusable menus to a visible but glitchy LocoRoco really fast. The game is now nearly fully playable, the only thing that makes it unplayable is splines.

In the GitHub notes, I noticed someone made a "quick hack to display splines", here: . I'm currently still learning C, but I don't have enough knowledge yet to fix the Spline code, or to compile it.

So, as just a small suggestion, can you guys please get splines working some day? I've done 2 levels (before getting a headache from the flickering LocoRoco texture) and Everything else including physics, menus, sound effects and main gameplay is working fine (well, trying to enter the "locoroco house" minigame crashes the emulator entirely and backround music doesn't work, probably because of the known codec problems, but those arn't important for the gameplay).

Thanks so much for turning my phone into an even more portable playstation!
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