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DJ MAX Portable Clazziquai Edition
07-25-2019, 05:18 PM
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RE: DJ MAX Portable Clazziquai Edition
(07-24-2019 12:14 AM)itsrenceee Wrote:  Title: DJMAX Portable Clazziquai Edition
Genre: Rhythm/Music
Region: Korea (KR)
Format: ISO
PPSSPP Version: 1.8.0
Game ID: ULKS46190
OS: Android Q Beta 5
Compatibility: Playable

Found a fix for crashing on PPSSPP main screen on android.
Go to Settings > System > Change Memory Stick Folder > From "/storage/emulated/0" to "storage/emulated/0/ppsspp".

It's an anti-piracy thing, the game is trying to detect if there's ISOs on the memory stick, by adding the "/ppspp" and make sure the ISOs are not inside the "Memory Stick" path. Also works on Black Square.

i wonder if the patch for the game works for this in PPSSPP, i think still have the patch on a disc somewhere but i have no idea where it is

i think i've ripped my umd for this or Black square in the past and didn't have any problems playing it but then again i don't think i had it in a memory stick folder
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