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[Tutorial] Windows-Host Cross Platform Local Multiplayer using Wireless LAN
09-23-2014, 01:12 PM
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RE: [Tutorial] Windows-Host Cross Platform Multiplayer Adhoc Local WLAN
(09-20-2014 11:05 PM)makooy Wrote:  Can i use phone tether rather than using router to play monster hunter portable 3rd multiplayer to my psp and android phone? Sorry for bad english, please reply.. Thanks
yes you can follow nc50lc guide to host the server , and suku alam guide to connect the PSP

(09-21-2014 10:20 PM)Manticor Wrote:  Is it possible to host a cross-platform server for others to join on different networks, not just local? I'm a bit new to PPSSPP, the answer isn't too obvious for me Tongue. Also sorry to get off topic, but could I host a server with just a PPSSSPP emulator and the AdhocServer? Thanks Smile
join from different network is not possible i do many test for that ,for example : my android joining adhocserver from my lan network, and my friend connecting to my adhoc server from evolve network , they all showing up on adhocserver info but we cant meet each other in game because the network is different and my android not connected to evolve network . but as long its on same network its possible , the challenge is how to combine 2 router with different network into 1 network like lan to wan and use the wan network to play together

@ira221 if the compatibility list saying tekken 6 is working then its work , try with latest build or specific build from adamn to play that game link

Experimenting with adhoc over internet system through Amultios custom ppsspp fork, find me in game

Monster Hunter Freedom : Lucis
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