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[Tutorial] Windows-Host Cross Platform Local Multiplayer using Wireless LAN
08-24-2014, 01:40 AM
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RE: [Tutorial] Windows-Host Cross Platform Multiplayer Adhoc Local WLAN
(06-26-2014 11:57 AM)NgJinXiang14 Wrote:  Why you didt put the android version server apk link at you guide?
this tutorial is for windows NgJinXiang14 , nc50lc have the android one

(08-18-2014 10:46 PM)diegoweiller Wrote:  Hi.. I managed to make the PC enter in the lobby but i cant connect my Motorola moto G ( just to count) to it it crashes probably I'm doing something wrong a I didnt understand completely the guide I configured the pro host in computer and its working fine I should connect my cell WiFi to the computer witch way? Portable hotspot? Or it should the pc appear in. The available hotspots? Can't connect through USB?
use device wifi to connect , if you create the virtual network using PC wifi adapter it should appear at your device wifi , i recommend using router for better connection

Experimenting with adhoc over internet system through Amultios custom ppsspp fork, find me in game

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