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[Tutorial] Windows-Host Cross Platform Local Multiplayer using Wireless LAN
07-03-2016, 08:10 PM
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RE: [Tutorial] Windows-Host Cross Platform Local Multiplayer using Wireless LAN
(06-29-2016 11:47 PM)Boogar Wrote:  Hey there
Thanks for putting the tutorial up Smile
I have a problem tho... whenever i try to connect i get the Socket 10061 error.
Do i need to be able to open ports on my router for this to work?

if you playing over internet yes you will need open your router ports ex(coldbird) , on lan network or virtual network like hamachi, tunngle, evolve there is no need to open the port, just make sure the server ip is right and player mac address is different across device. if it's doesn't work, it think networking on that game is not supported yet.

(06-30-2016 01:39 PM)gabriel_4000 Wrote:  Hello.
I've tried doing it all, but unsuccessfully. I'm on firmware 6.20PRO-B10. I used the Pro Online Plugin and all.

1) My question is this: has anybody ever been able to play multiplayer using only:
-real psp.
-android smartphone with ppsspp.

2) Should I really update my firmware to 6.60 with PRO C or PRO C2 CFW in order to play multiplayer with android? Or can I use Pro C on 6.20?

1. yes me, sometimes i am playing with my little brother using diferent devices PSP, PC , Ipad, Android, using tethering portable hotspot on my android and its work just fine. tried it with MH Games of course Big Grin

2. as long as it support pro online client i think it just works try it with Pro C 6.20 first bro. or if you didn't want to update to 6.60 and its didn't work try to use PRO C2 6.20. this link maybe usefull

Experimenting with adhoc over internet system through Amultios custom ppsspp fork, find me in game

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