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So overall, how good is PPSSPP for Android?
04-04-2014, 05:14 PM (This post was last modified: 04-05-2014 01:32 AM by John6670.)
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So overall, how good is PPSSPP for Android?
Something i've been really curious about lately, but overall how does the PPSSPP Android Emulator stack up to the PC version?

I know that for the PC version, i haven't had any issues with
Tenkaichi Tag Team
Naruto ultimate ninja impact
Shin Budokai AR
Guilty Gear

But those are all the games i've tried out.

I know that there is a compatibility list, but does it cover the PC version only ? Android version? Or both? Because when playing Naruto on the Nvidia Shield, I get slowdowns when there are a lot of characters on screen, or Edit: intro glitches with Dissida 012. The other games were playable, but i have only tried out those games so far, and nothing else yet.

To make it easier, how about using some of the most powerful android devices that are out right now,? If there is a link for the Android compatibility version, can any1 please post it? If not, then for people who have used the Android version, what have been your experiences with the Android version of PPSSPP so far?
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04-05-2014, 12:59 AM
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RE: So overall, how good is PPSSPP for Android?
As a Snapdragon user, PPSSPP always appears to get progressively worse for my S3 on each update.
But anyway, the Naruto Impact problem, everyone has it. Dissidia doesn't flicker for me though. Did you try frameskip 1 instead of auto? As for Tenkaichi Tag Team, in 0.9.5 I can run all modes pretty smoothly, minimal lag, but on 0.9.8 2vs2 lags so much it ain't fun anymore. Then there's the long-standing DBZTTT buffered rendering problem.
All in all, the games are pretty good, even though I'm on a crappy Snapdragon S3 from 2 years ago.

P.S. Looks like we have similar taste in games.

Catch me if you can't catch me if you can't Cats are nice.
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04-05-2014, 02:20 AM (This post was last modified: 04-05-2014 02:47 AM by xboxmandude.)
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RE: So overall, how good is PPSSPP for Android?
I run a lot of games on my phone
As ppsspp releases newer updates more games become playable...
But tenkaichi tag
Work much better on older versions...
All the games I play on my phone at 100% speed are in my signature... Lol u can't see it on the mobile site so I'll just post them
My specs:
Noir A10 android jellybean

1ghz quad core

512mb ram

Working games 100% speed(Android)
Dbz shin 2
Marvel Ultimate alliance
Fifa street 2
Fight Night 3
Spiderman 2
Lord of arcana
Soul caliber
Miami Vice
Gladiator begins
3rd birthday

Tenkaichi tag dbz (only works on ver. 0.9.5-7

And I've been waiting for the next release so that I can play games like
Manhunt and obscure that run a bit slow on my phone
My phone is a low end quad core... But many games already work with no lag

To sum up
Ppsspp is epic on android... As long as your phone can handle it...

If u get a good tab like nexus or something most games
Even gow will run...
Check out YouTube for videos
There is one called the top then most playable ppsspp games on android

You have to screw around with the settings... Some games don't run at the same settings of the PC versions
And each device will need different settings
Some games only work on x1psp buffered ten on android
So mess around with the settings

Oh yeah Street fighter alpha max 3 works too lol forgot that one
I play it all the time

My specs
Huawie Honor 4C
Octa-Core 1.2 GHz
2GB Ram
Mali 450 mp GPU
720x1280 pixels
Current Version : 1.4.2
Low end phones
Check My Profile For Tested Games(Bio Section)
Testing multiplayer
Contact me on Twitter @BradEDias for help with ppsspp
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