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[SOLVED : crredit to LUNAMOO] MH3 mem stick duo not inserted ~B10
03-19-2014, 01:25 AM (This post was last modified: 03-19-2014 11:45 AM by Siauwhendry.)
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[SOLVED : crredit to LUNAMOO] MH3 mem stick duo not inserted ~B10
Hi all..recently i got a save issue at monster hunter portable 3rd.

At the first time its ok to play the game,save state,leave the app to do some work,reply message.and then go back to the game and continue hunting.

But lately,when i save state in the middle of mission,i cant save normally anymore(not save state) it said that "the memory stick ~b10 use to start this game is not inserted".

Help,is there a way to fix this,because I play in my workplace,so i cant go straight for 1 long hunt,I usually go out from the game to reply message,save state.

It just wont save normally anymore like the 1st time

Ps:i didnt do any change to my phone lately

I am really happy that psp emu can run this game smoothly,i played 40 hr this 3 weeks,its so portable and can be played anywhere.soo,i am very sad to get this saving issue,please help..

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