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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (MHFU)
04-28-2019, 02:44 PM (This post was last modified: 04-28-2019 03:02 PM by Uni-Doot.)
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RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (MHFU)
Attention ladies and gentlemen:

For now, all we can think about Icewind (and formerly, Yukihertz's) MHFU HD Retexture Modpack is somewhat temporarily dead. I've been messaging him in Discord and he has been dealing with personal problems aside. Besides that, he's also working on a side project of doing MHP3rd HD Retexture, and he said he will return doing MHFU textures after finishing off MHP3rd, which is somewhat questionable why he should put the MHFU HD Retexture on hold.

Meanwhile, there is an ambitious brazilian Youtuber known as San Gaming, who's been doing HD Retextures of MHFU in his own way. He even had his own Youtube channel, here's his latest video:
He's been motivated to do a large polished modpack because of the huge delay of Icewind's HD retexture modpack. He's been doing this all by himself and he's planning to finish it in this year.

For now, i've been helping San Gaming by producing some feedbacks on his textures and providing him some tools and handful of stuff on Icewind's and Yukihertz's playbook (such as upscaling textures and giving him dropbox files scattered by Yukihertz here in this thread). He's been doing all of this on his phone, and he's using some handy apps to filter and remake them on his own. If you all had Discord accounts, you can find and talk to San Gaming in this Discord server:

Just go tap/click the magnifyer glass above when you're on that server already and find San Gaming, then DM with him and ask questions with him.

There's still hope for a MHFU HD Remastered Texture modpack, for now, he's the only one we can depend for it.
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05-31-2019, 07:27 AM
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RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (MHFU)
I'm having a problem to save the game (I'm using the version of the android app), I started playing the game using save state in 3 characters but after a while I gave up using save state and went to play the game just saving in the memory stick duo of ppsspp, but after I save the three characters and try to enter again they can no longer save the game and I can not enter like any of them giving an error message that there are no more characters saved in memory stick duo, I do not want to lose my characters.

I have some screenshots but they are bigger than 500kb
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