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[Q] Physical Key support & button setting
06-02-2013, 04:14 PM
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GameKeyboard for Wii Mote & Nunchuk
I just spend another day trying to find a way to get a Wii Mote+Nunchuk controlling ppsspp (especially the analog stick).
Here are my results and problems:

I installed Bluez IME and connected the Wii Mote to my S3 via BT.
Then I installed GameKeyboard and chose "BT-Controller ->Joystick" as a quick setup.
Now That's really funny. When both "use Analog" and "Joystick Mode" are enabled in the settings I can use my Nunchuk to properly control the Analog Stick in PPSSPP!! BUT (!) at the same time when using the Nunchuk-Stick the D-Pad Buttons (arrow keys) are pressed as well! I tried out a few things and came to the conclusion that by enabling "use Analog" Gamekeyboard defines my Nunchuk Stick as D-PAD. Why does it do that?? That's pretty annoying cause the only way the analog stick works nicely causes DPAD Buttons to be pressed as well..-.-
Besides: Although the Nunchuk stick seems to become defined as D-PAD that does not mean that I can control the PSP Analog Stick with my DPAD( Wii Mote) now. I think, that's quite bizarre.
Does anyone know what really happens inside Gamecontroller App by enabling "Use Analog Stick"? and might there be a way to bypass this problem?

GT-I9300 | rooted | stock international 4.1.2 | overclocked on SiyahKernel s3-v1.9.1 (1,6 GHZ)|
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