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[Q] Physical Key support & button setting
05-16-2013, 01:37 PM
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RE: [Q] Physical Key support & button setting
So... The Android version does not have an input assignable to the slidestick.
The slide stick is touch screen input (or emulated touch) only.
But the pc version can assign a key to the up/down/left/right of the slidestick.

Am I understanding this right?

If so, why is this the case?
If not, what is in input needed to control the slidestick?

(I am using a wiimote and nunchuck with the WiimoteController app, on an Atrix 2 that is running ppsspp nicely. Everything is set up and working great except for the slidestick, which requires I pick up the phone anytime I want to go anywhere in game.)
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