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xpadder alternative or replacement
03-09-2014, 11:02 AM (This post was last modified: 03-09-2014 12:28 PM by ZeroX4.)
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xpadder alternative or replacement
Quote:i post it here and not in of topic cause for me and i think for some users here this subject its essential part of ppsspp emulation and not just external software

yesterday i found this little program called antimicro

in short of it it does (almost) everything that xpadder do and its 100% FREE

why do we use external software ? well i have many gamepads and adjusting each gamepad each time i plug it in its just troublesome

+ its easier to use game profile + sets to edit per game/emulator button layout

for example its easy to to bind L2 R2 and L3 R3 buttons in tekken for grabs and special moves on your gamepad

while default psp button layout supports only 8 button layout (not including D-pad) and most gamepads have 12 buttons

and its easy to have profile for ppsspp and change set inside profile for other game instead of adjusting it inside emulator

and even for bigger example its easy to have profile in
1st set have D-pad left and right analog stick works as psp D-pad
2nd set as psp have it D-pad is D-pad left analog stick is left analog stick and you are free to adjust right analog stick
3d set as D-pad and both analog sticks as psp analog sticks

thats help allot cause some games do not support analog stick and if you set button layout on ppsspp as D-pad is D-pad and left analog stick is left analog stick than in game which do not support both at a same time e.g. castlevania dracula x chronicles than you would left with 1 dummy

but here you just change set and works just fine

antimicro have like 95% of what gamepad profiler should have but that 5% its just extra stuff for advanced users which most of users would never use (like themes support and run at system start)

and i post it here cause i want you game pad users to try it out and tell me what you think about it

cause for me its not xpadder alternative but its replacement and i think with few features added to it and some things fixed and than it would be even better than xpadder

but maybe your opinion will be different

i had a little problem to find download button so if any 1 have same problem here it is

[Image: fChC96z.png]

here it how it looks compared to xpadder

this is my genius maxfire grandias gamepad profile for ppsspp emulator
as you see antimicro dont step back from xpadder have exact same features as xpadder

different (better\worst - depending on opinion) display of buttons
i think better set selection menu (have more options to it)
same profile menu selection

[Image: prQ37qk.png]

here we see anti micro supports multi button press like xpadder
and for that set selection comes in handy
cause even so its profile for ppsspp emulator i can just click 1 button to play with my layout for tekken
with buttons that are for grabs and special moves so i dont need to set it up in emulator each time i change gamepad or can make another set for another character

[Image: EXoqGZI.png]

too much stuff here Big Grin

it shows that antimicro also supports separate D-pad and both Left and Right analog sticks + L3 and R3 buttons
so for example when i play castlevania dracula x chronicles on ppsspp game force me to choose either i want to play with analog stick or D-pad
with xpadder or antimicro i can dont give a F i just set it up for D-pad and sticks same movement keys or separate for each
if i would do it inside emulator i would need to adjust/change it each time i change game

[Image: POLYPaK.png]

i just covered very little features xpadder and antimicro have but thats most important stuff for game pad users

so please test it and share your opinion even if its bad cause i only miss few features in antimicro but for a freeware program i can wait for them to be added
and so i maybe idealize it too much thats why i ask for your opinion

Try AntiMicro graphical program used to map keyboard keys and mouse controls to a gamepad/controller.
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