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problems with msvcr120.dll (W7Ux64)
03-06-2014, 02:09 AM
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RE: problems with msvcr120.dll (W7Ux64)
Some programs may come with Microsoft's msvcr120.dll. This increases the download size (if you already have it), but is an okay thing to do.

The downside is that sometimes, Microsoft fixes bugs in msvcr120.dll. If the game has its own copy of the dll, it also won't get bugfixes (for better or for worse), unless it updates the file manually.

The places that matter for msvcr120.dll are:
* The same directory that PPSSPPWindows64.exe is in.
* Any directory on your "PATH" (programs can and do add themselves, sometimes.) It's possible to find out how but somewhat advanced, which is why I generalize to "anywhere."
* System folders (which are actually just on your PATH, so this is the same as above.)

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