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[Tutorial] Simple way to play multiplayer using Tunngle
02-27-2014, 08:35 AM (This post was last modified: 08-05-2014 08:02 AM by vnctdj.)
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Exclamation [Tutorial] Simple way to play multiplayer using Tunngle
Edit by vnctdj : barbanium has made an up-to-date tutorial for playing multiplayer using Tunngle, this one is now outdated...
Here is the new tutorial >> << Wink

Edit by vnctdj : This tutorial is valid for all games, not only for MHP3rd HD.

I've seen many tutorials that are incomplete and/or walls of text or way too confusing.

Since this awesome emulator is free and it works flawless I thought I'd contribute by making this, so without further delay here we go:

Things that you need:

1. PPSSPP Emulator ( currently using 9.7.2 )
2. Adhoc pro
3. Tunngle ( you can use any other but I prefer tunngle over evolve and hamachi, since hamachi derps on your connection and evolve because its private room based )
4. MHP3rdHD ( I wont link this one so you're going to have to find it yourself )

How to set up:

-1. First you need to download/install tunngle and register, once you log in you search for monster hunter and join the room ( *Important* You and your friends need to join the same room i.e Monster Hunter )

[Image: ehOB04R.png]

Lets break down what we have here:

1. The bar where you search for the Monster Hunter room

2. The Monster Hunter room that you and your friends need to join

3. Port status

4. Hovering over 3 ( port status ) it says its closed but as long as the smiley on 3 is not red it will work.

-2. Once you join the Monster Hunter room you will get your Virtual IP

[Image: 98mhpGY.png]

With this you are done with the Tunngle part, lets move on.

-3. Now we need to set up the emulator to connect with tunngle

Windows 7/8 users: go to start search for cmd and hit enter
Windows XP users: go to start > run > cmd and hit enter

once its open type ipconfig /all and find your mac address in the line where your IP is from your ethernet adapter ( the MAC address is labeled physical address )

[Image: hpxUN0k.png]

Lets break down all the arrows again:

1. This is my ethernet adapter ( you look for the one that has your IPv4 address which in my case is, this is not important but this is how you find the mac address the easiest )

2. This is what we're looking for this is your MAC address ( it is used to identify your pc on the adhoc [ I'll add about this a little at the end of the post in the FAQ] )

3. Its the Virtual tunngle IP

4. First off about the ppsspp.ini, its located in the emulator folder ppsspp 9.7.2\memstick\PSP\SYSTEM ( *NOTE* the ppsspp 9.7.2 before \memstick is the folder of my emulator and may not be the same name for you ).
Once you open the ppsspp.ini find the line proAdhocServer and type in there your Tunggle virtual IP

5. This is where you type in your mac/physical address (*IMPORTANT* D8:50:E6:55:21:8D <- CORRECT, D8-50-E6-55-21-8D <- WRONG )

6. This is the nickname of your emulator ( I prefer to change it )

-4. Now we need to configure the emulator itself

[Image: vWHpUJH.png]

Break down time:

1. This needs to be turned off ( its causing the emulator to crash when there are 3-4 people trying to join )

2. The clock speed default is 0 which means that the emulator works with 333MHz I set it to 1000 MHz

-5. Set the alternate speed to 25%

[Image: c4ja.png]

Now you're good to go!!!

When playing together, as the quest leader embarks the quest you slow down the emulation till it says " beginning quest " at this point you can set the speed to normal again and it will work flawlessly.

[Image: 1026070_10203210694298166_793114261_o.jpg]


Q: 3 of us are in the guild hall and the 4th can't enter says his emulator freezes as soon as he attempts to join the hall, why?
A: This is why the physical/mac address is important, if someone else has the same MAC address in the hall like someone who is trying to join this will happen. Changing the mac address to something else will fix it

Q: But can I change the mac address to something else than my ethernet adapters mac address?
A: Of course, the mac address you enter in the ppsspp.ini is there just for unique identification of the emulator, that why when 2 with the same mac address want to join the adhoc think its the same emulator twice and simply doesn't allow it

Q: Why can't I join the adhoc server it says something is wrong with some packet
A: Its the mac address you mostly typed - instead of : in the address.

If you have any further questions feel free to ask. I'll try to keep this updated as a simple non confusing guide.

*IMPORTANT* the game may keep dropping people after everything is set up correctly, to fix this turn off your firewall.
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