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Super Danganronpa 2 Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen
08-26-2023, 05:12 PM
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RE: Super Danganronpa 2 Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen
Hi! I finally got my hands on Japanese version of Danganronpa 2! Not from this forum, I downloaded from other source that I trust. I wanted to complete Japanese version of DR1, too, but unfortunately, couldn't find any roms.

Anyway, long story short, before I start writing about my bug, I wanted to give a friendly advise, because I saw someone was having issue with entering buildings, I know it is kinda necro, but I don't care about necro, I will write the solution that worked for me, so if anyone having the same issue, may search for it and solve their problems and play peacefully, if it helps them, of course lol. Anyway, I restarted the game, and it worked, it unusual that none of the building had option to enter them.

About my issue... I believe it is on game's side problem rather than PPSSPP's problem. Because it is so weird. In Class Trial 3 where you are fighting against Akane in Rebuttal Showdown, you have to pick Sonya's Account and cut through Akane's weak point of "she fought the killer". But the thing is that it doesn't cut. In fact, I spent 30 minutes and tried every option / sword, none of them worked, tried to cut all words, so maybe there is another phase of Akane's rebuttal that didn't appear, it didn't work, too. Now, I am completely hopeless, because there are not that many who play Japanese version + Google didn't give me this bug results, so I don't even know what to do. And restart didn't help, too. Plus, it seems more like game's fault than PPSSPP, as I said earlier, because I don't think PPSSPP could make such glitch, it is somehow related to game not recognizing correct answer / sword as correct. What should I do? Did any of you had the same issue? Don't hesitate just because it maybe necro, please, reply me if you have any answer, no matter how many years pass lol, I will finish Japanese version and upload it to YouTube, because I do like playing games in different languages, so that is why I made a multilingual walkthrough channel.

P.S. I am not promoting my channel, I just wanted to clear my motives, so you can understand why it is important for me.
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