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Ace Combat X - Skies Of Deception
02-25-2017, 07:59 AM (This post was last modified: 02-26-2017 08:43 AM by IrudaYoon.)
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RE: Ace Combat X - Skies Of Deception
Machine : Nvidia Shield Tablet (Original)
Android Version : 7.0(Nougat)
PPSSPP Version : v1.3.0.1

Play four mission, mission order is 01=>02=>03A=>06A.

At default setting, many parts of game works fine around 30FPS. If there were many objects suddnly appears on screen, FPS could be drop around 25FPS. It's still playable but becuase this game already runs 'just around 30FPS', this 5FPS drop easily noticeable.

- If you using the South Korean release version. Translated text didn't appear on screen. Adding font files of original PSP into ppsspp's specific location didn't solve this problem.

By the way, this bug is very common on other games when player play the game translated into korean. I saw some people says 'officialy translated game which uses PSP's system font as their korean font met this problem.' For example, I heared that korean translated version of Gran Turismo portable also have this problem.

- When you using default setting, camera glitch happens when you fly close to surface. If I flay overs sea level(0ft) area this bug happens you fly above around 150~170ft. This glitch didn't render some parts of surface like camera already dig into surface.(Just imagine using cheat normaly calls 'noclip' and dive into surface.)

Change rendering mode to 'Buffered rendering' solve this problem. Of course this cause some FPS loss.

- When you using default setting, Gleipnir's stelth effect doesn't rendered properly. In original PSP, when Gleipnir goes disappear, kind of transparent texture covers Gleipnir. But on PPSSPP, this just render as black texture. Change rendering mode to 'Buffered rendering' solve this problem.

- Some audio dialogue didn't play, subtitle of that dialogue appears but there is no audio about this. I don't know what causes this problem.
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